Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Amazing Husband

So this past week or so, Grady has really been amazing. He has been very patient and kind with me and my family. He has sacrificed for others, he has shown me the best kind of love by doing dishes. I believe that God is slowly turning Grady into an adult. A God fearing, spiritual leader, financial leader and everything in between. I'm not saying that he isn't still the fun loving, kid at heart I married, because Lord knows he is. Grady is just acting more mature with everyday that passes. We both are still learning to allow God to control every part of our lives but it is much easier when God is working on both of our hearts. That is all for now, I had to share how awesome Grady is. Thanks for listening!

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Tennessee Mama Duck said...

Oh, Essie! That is wonderful - just glorious! I'm so happy for you both!