Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Long Time No Talk

Oh so much has happened in the past month or so! Grady and I have adopted a puppy! He is a little Beagle/Basset mix. We adopted him from a shelter last Saturday night after my amazing mother-in-law said that he would be Grady's Christmas present. I am so excited, he is so sweet and is really training well for him only being 9 weeks old.

Sunday night the kids that I teach on Wednesday put on a play. It was so sweet! They didn't do what they were supposed to do but they sure looked cute up there. I believe tonight we are just throwing the sweet babies a congratulations party. Should be a blast.

Grady and I had the opportunity to spend time with two of our friends Sunday night after the play. Sierra and Bill are getting married rather soon so it was really nice to have a conversation about married life with another couple! Not that Grady and I don't love our single friends, its just that they don't always understand what we go through as husband and wife. Life changes and your priorities change we you become one on the amazing wedding day. We hope to be able to spend more time with them soon because we really did enjoy ourselves!

There are a million other things going on in my life but this is all the time I could spare before church. I love you all and thank you for taking the time to check up on me and my life. God Bless!


Dizymom00 said...

Your puppy is so dang cute! And yes it is wonderful to have other married and esp christian couples to talk to... love ya

Emmy said...

Essie! I'm so happy I found the link to your blog on Facebook. I've added you to my links :) Thank you for being such an amazing friend!