Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday Eve!

Hello! It is finally Friday eve! One of my favorite days of the week! Yesterday was one of the sweetest moments I have had with my husband. Grady joined me at church for wee worship! It is so nice to see him get on the floor and play with children that he has no knowledge of! Grady is wonderful with kids anyway but he seems to gravitate towards the ones that he is familiar with. (IE. Raelynn and Reece) Last night I did not have Rae or Reece so I figured he would be there as moral support for me, I was so wrong. He was on the floor, playing with trains, trucks and talking about cars. He made teaching so much easier for me!
After we left church, my head was thumping so Grady drove us home. About halfway there, when the roads became super curvy, I felt very nauseous. When we got to the house I went straight to the bathroom and he was even more amazing. Grady brought me his huge sweatpants, a bottle of water and pulled the sheets back on the bed so I could just crawl into it. I couldn't have married a better man. He is so kind! Today I feel much better and trying to think of things to do for Grady that are selfless. (Since he gave up his night with his friends for me and ended up taking care of me!)He has been Mr. Wonderful and I want to repay him for that. Anyone have any ideas??? Let me know! I love you all and thank you!

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