Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been volunteering at my church as a "Wee Worship" teacher for the last month or so and the last two Wednesday's God has pulled me out of my comfort zone to have me leading the 1-2 year olds! Normally I watch the little babies that dont move very fast and require diaper changes and bottles. Thats my comfort zone! Last week I happened to be the only person there that could watch the 1-2 year old group, therefore I stepped up and took on that responsibilty. Well, right before class was over I had two of the children run face first into one another. The wailing began. I felt so bad and so inadequate that I was going to request to return to the small childrens room. God had another plan for me.
Last night was spent in the 1-2 year olds room, by myself. The two children that collided were not there, which makes me feel terrible (hope they are ok), but I had a whole new crew that seemed so much easier! They all listened to the lesson and attempted to play along to the music and try and learn the beats. It was so precious! I am so thakful that it went well!

Talk to you all soon! Love you!


KSchnoorRN said...

God never lets us stay in our comfort zone for long! But, He is always there with us.

Tennessee Mama Duck said...

I was in the prayer room and could occasionally hear your sweet voice with the children. It was precious.

And thank you for encouraging my son that night too. He told me he stopped by to see you while he was waiting for me. :)